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All across the country, people are finding themselves residents of hotbed real estate markets. In certain circumstances, markets that were once chided as non-desirable are suddenly nothing short of the exact opposite. Even if you’re not currently interested in selling, it’s important for those who live in Georgia to understand the nature of the market. Having worked on both sides representing sellers and buyers searching for homes for sale, I feel totally confident in my ability to represent both sides of the table.
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In a market as thriving as ours, I’m thankful to work on a team of experts at Sherman & Hemstreet Real Estate Company, where our collection of seasoned Realtors connects sellers with reputable agents on a daily basis. To get the most out of their properties, sellers need a Realtor locals can count on. As such, we can lead you in the right direction.

Whether that’s helping you price your home for the best recoupment available or giving our professional insight on why one offer surpasses the other in value. Incidentally, the highest bid on your home isn’t necessarily the one you want. These are the scenarios where a certified agent is invaluable.

The Springfield GA real estate market requires close attention

Having watched the trends in eastern Georgia over the past decade, I feel extraordinarily confident in helping my clients price their homes effectively. As your Springfield GA Realtor, I have access to all kinds of monetary records in your direct area that can help us price effectively. Finding a happy medium in these cases is crucial because clients tend to lean one of two ways. They either inflate the value of their home or seriously underestimate it.

In fairness, most sellers have emotional ties to their homes, which makes it easier to overestimate their value. When you look at the memories you’ve made in a home, and it’s a place you also associate with being content and well adjusted, it’s entirely understandable to lose a sense of objectivity. The aforementioned are clear indicators of why it’s important to hire a Realtor sellers can trust.

As your Springfield Real Estate Agent, I can prove particularly beneficial to your bottom line. I am connected enough with the human element of selling real estate, yet objective enough to guide you in a professional manner. Sometimes the transactional nature of property selling can eclipse the fact that it’s normal to experience a full spectrum of human emotions when going through the motions. As your seller, I’ll help you craft a plan outlining your next move post-sell, the returns you’d like to see on your current property, and the ways in which we can make the process run smoothly.

Dee Moncrief

A Springfield GA Realtor You Can Trust

I’ve been fortunate to have my career take me to cities and townships all across the eastern region of Georgia. The experience has made me an ideal candidate for acting as a Realtor in Savannah GA and a Realtor in Bullock County, Georgia residents can rely on. Despite the close proximity of these different counties, each one remains unique in its selling practices. The same can be said when I undergo work as a Realtor Chatham County GA locals enlist.

Tri-County homes for sale

These counties share similar commonalities however, it’s the differences that a seasoned agent needs to be cognizant of. When all is said and done, I’m here to help you navigate the process of selling your home, selling a new construction home, down-sizing, or any prospective properties consumers may find appealing.

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An experienced Realtor you can rely on

As an agent with experience representing clients on both sides of the selling and buying process, I understand the inherent challenges of both, enabling me to help you make better decisions regarding your sale. How can I help get the most out of your home’s selling? In ways both financial and conducive to improving the optics surrounding your next move –  I’m prepared to represent you as your Springfield GA Realtor of choice.

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